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Dulfite said:
I just don't really see anything notable. I'd be perfectly content with this gen graphics, but faster loading times? Okay now you've got my attention.

Obviously Nintendo is the one that will benefit the most from upgrading graphics, because these pics make this gen look great still, rather than outdated, for Xbox and PlayStation. Nintendo will be exciting to see with their next device considering that it will probably be a big leap forward. They tend to have two generations around the same level before a giant leap forward.

Wii U/Switch

Each of these more or less looks the same as the first one. N64 was a big exception because they did two leap forwards in a row with that and GameCube. Switch graphics are really no different than Wii U so I suspect Switch 2 will catch up to PS4, which again looks no different than Ps5 graphics to me. Finally Nintendo will catch up to the other two in noticable graphics to the majority of consumers (not fps/resolution/HDR fanboys that make up the vocal minority), but really I'm excited about loading times for them. Astral Chains and Xenoblade X had TERRIBLE loading times and I'd like to see those days gone!

Yeah no, SNES looks way, way better than NES, and Wii U and Switch are noticeably different.

Show me an NES game even in the same league as this:

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.