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CGI-Quality said:
Leynos said:
Marginal at best and that's assuming these trailers and such are honest.

Considering the monstrous jump in hardware, nothing shown was so spectacular that it couldn't be done on said machine and it wasn't marginal either (particularly something like the shifting world of Ratchet).


Could not have been done on any current gen console in that fashion. 

The shifting worlds was definitely a great part. The thing is, when I look at the DF video from 2016 in which they have shown R&C on PS4 Pro and compare it with this Gif then this does definitely look better, have more particles, better lighting, textures and so on but the video from 2016 still looks good to me. Not sure if I found games from 2009 still good looking after I saw Ryse or Killzone Shadowfall. 

I would really love to see a new GTA and how that would profit from the better tech but well...