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shikamaru317 said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Wow. I had no idea XB1 controllers still came with AA batteries. What's the price on a recharging kit new? 

$20 I think. It's alot cheaper than buying a whole new controller when your battery life starts to get bad after a couple of years, so I actually like that Xbox controllers have replaceable batteries. But I do wish they bundled a rechargeable battery with the console and separate controllers. 

I think you're maybe underselling the life-span of these batteries. Taken at it's most literal, a couple means 2, and after 14 years of using rechargeable controllers and 18 years for portable systems, I have never had a single one become noticeably compromised in 2 years. Having said that, the controllers usually need to be replaced after roughly 4 years for other reasons, so that is roughly, my battery ceiling for controllers. But again, the battery never showed signs of needing replacement after heavy use. That's across 2 full gens with no hint of battery degradation. I'll even toss in my grand champion of battery life, my launch Vita. I abandoned it in Dec 2018. Almost 7 years, and roughly 4-5 thousand hours, it still held a charge almost perfectly. The DS and DS Lite didn't get quite as much time, but they still never faltered. Furthermore to this, LI batteries are fairly easily replaceable.

And on a personal note. F*** "replaceable batteries". That's some 80's sh**.

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