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Ready for the kicker? Julianna is also a playable character. While you will experience the main campaign as Colt, you also have the option to infiltrate another player’s game as Julianna and do some hunting. But keep in mind, that means someone else could be lurking in your campaign, waiting for the chance to strike. This is Arkane’s approach to an immersive multiplayer experience, where the focus is still on the main story, but there is unpredictability around every corner. “We felt this style of multiplayer, where we give people the option to play as the main antagonist, is a great way to really ramp up the level of trickery, tension, chaos and just plain unpredictability that we love in games like this,” explains Bakaba. “We feel that our game systems uniquely position us to allow for the confrontation between two players to be one not just of skill, but of wits, creativity and an open display of your personality.”

Ok so this very interesting. This means that playing the story online is pvp. I don't think a game has ever done this before. The closest is probably DS/Bloodborne where people can drop in but then again this is the boss thats being controlled, a very important character in the story.