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DonFerrari said:
Pyro as Bill said:

So if the Lite's price was cut to $149 or $99, do you think that would be enough to match the OG's sales or be enough to flip the 70-30 ratio?

I don't.

If the difference in price between Lite and Regular was bigger the most likely occurence would be the increase of the sales of Lite (but we know it isn't really something direct, 2DS didn't sell much in comparison to 3DS as the loss of funcionality and form factor wasn't that well accepted right?).

If instead of Lite we had stationary for the same price do you think it would have sold better or worse than Lite?

There's not much point in selling more stationary consoles than the Lite if it cuts heavily into sales of the OG model.

I think a $99-149 stationary console would be more competitive against the OG than the Lite depending on what features the home console had over the hybrid.

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