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I was holding off hearing the spoilers for a long time now, even when encountering a meme or two and some pissed off friends trying to spoil it for me. However, today, after just talking with my brother and mentioning what I thought the spoiler was going to be, he said that it was basically what he heard. I couldn't believe it, I was getting pissed. So I looked for this thread and it hit me: I was right all along. I knew why people were pissed, and I'm one of them now.

The Last of Us, the original one, was my top Game of All Time a few times now, and because how good the narrative is, that's not going to change. But I lost all will to buy this game now. I don't believe Neil Druckman's claims that the leaked ending is not real. If it weren't on his comments that the game was going to be divisive, I'd believe him.

It's a fucking shame that this story, doesn't matter how hard it was worked on, has devolved into this. Good fucking job, Naughty Dog. Keep it up!