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JRPGfan said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

Days Gone

Ghosts of Tsushima IF the reviews are good

Someone already said Horizon: Zero Dawn. 


I assume you're only referring to recently new games so I won't include things like TLOU and many more.

TLOU isnt old enough to be dependant on nostaliga.
Its just a good game that getting a 2nd installment.
So it belongs on that list too.

Plus I feel like its missplaced to claim that it hasnt seen drastic changes and improvements from 1st game to the 2nd.
So its not like its "stuck" in its ways, never improveing and reliant on nostalgia to sell.

Hell I'd argue that God of War deserves to be on that list too.
New game is totally differnt from the older ones, Sony realised they couldnt just keep going in the same way, and decided to change things up.

I was debating God of War. It's a completely different game to the previous ones, but it can still be nostalgic in the sense of the character, the voice, backstory etc.

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