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DaBofferbrauer2 said:
JapaneseGamesLover said:

What other games series are dependant on nostalgia ?

Let's make it shorter: Tell me a good, totally new game that doesn't delve on and into nostalgia at some point or in some form?

Days Gone

Ghosts of Tsushima IF the reviews are good

Someone already said Horizon: Zero Dawn. 


I assume you're only referring to recently new games so I won't include things like TLOU and many more.

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

There's only 2 races: White and 'Political Agenda'
2 Genders: Male and 'Political Agenda'
2 Hairstyles for female characters: Long and 'Political Agenda'
2 Sexualities: Straight and 'Political Agenda'