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- Renewables surpass coal in US energy production:

- In Thailand, a critically endangered turtle was spotted emerging from the sea to lay at least 80 eggs on a tourist-free beach:

- Japan just had their first day in over 3 months with zero COVID-19 fatalities:

- New Zealand seems to have beaten COVID-19 completely, with zero currently known cases:

- Bald eagles have made a huge comeback in Wisconsin thanks to concerted conservation efforts:

- A class of 8th-graders in the US have donated all the money they raised for their graduation rafting trip to their Native American neighbours of the Navajo Nation, who are struggling amid the pandemic:

- Wildlife experts in Belgium are getting excited for the birth of the country's first set of wild wolf cubs in more than 100 years: all-news/art-culture/108492/belgian-wolves-noella-and-august-expecting-cubs/

- An Israeli billionaire is planning to deliver hundreds of generators that can produce drinking water out of thin air to Gaza, “because they are our neighbors and it’s a great pity to look at them suffering from such severe water shortages.”