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I predicted it to be the best selling console of all time based on the October 2016 trailer alone. It gave me Apple iPhone introduction vibes. The iphone wasn’t the first touch screen device but it made things simple and easy. The switch wasn’t the first modular console device with detachable controllers.

So many companies have tried the controller attached to the screen thing but it was never as smooth and seem less as the switch itself.

The future is in the switch. The concept of portable and stationary device isn’t just for gaming. This is by far the most successful computing device to do that. Microsoft tried with Windows Phone (flop). Samsung is also doing it their android phones (flop).

Apple is in transitioning mode with MacOS and IPad OS.

And arm soc is the future. Every laptop and computer will transition eventually. Intel/ X86 should be very sacred.

Nintendo really thought so far ahead of every one else. The switch is a portable/stationary computing device with an arm chip.

I was shocked to how many people were down on it.

Last edited by BlackBeauty - on 08 June 2020