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derpysquirtle64 said:
sales2099 said:

I’m not wrong to say Xbox 360 was a western dominated brand. Unless you show me a Japanese passport you probably lived in a country where Xbox beat Ps3. 

You can't just write out Japan and claim that all the other countries were won by 360. It's not how it works. I don't have the sales data for each country but if I were to guess, PS3 won in the majority of markets where both consoles were available. It's just that the lead of 360 in US (the biggest console market) over PS3 was so huge that it compensated all the losses they had everywhere. So, to sum this up, I am almost sure that the majority of users here on VGC lived in a country where PS3 beat 360 and not the other way around unless this said user lived in US or UK.

Blood_Tears said:
I only know the software of PS3 which is 999.4M. How much software did X360 sell?

More than 1b

I’d say most people on this site are from the West. And even countries where PS3 sold more like Spain and Germany, I don’t think they populate this site. Unless they went out of their way to really know the English language most of us are from NA and UK here. Don Ferrari I know is from Brazil, kudos to his English (thought they only spoke Portugese). 

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