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Conina said:
Leynos said:

Was talking about this as one example. An example as one piece in a larger problem that expands past one website.

So it is a rating of a single person and NOT a meta-rating.

Only strenghens my argument that a cumulative rating system out of many ratings is a much better indicator about the quality of games.

And where is the huge list of hidden Wii gems?

I never promised a list. I just said there are hidden gems. No point in list wars on forums. I loved all three systems and they all had hidden gems. You are just trying to goad a list to dismiss it. You don't want to see them. You want to dismiss them if I did list them. It's a classic forum tactic that is lame.

Also, it hurts your argument as you ignored everything else and thus being obtuse. You just want an argument. Look elsehwere. You're wrong. End of.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!