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sales2099 said:
Rafie said:

360 "edged" out in software too. However @bolded Please don't do the whole "if wasn't for this or that...or take away this or that" argument. It's irrelevant. We can do that all across the board.

I’m not wrong to say Xbox 360 was a western dominated brand. Unless you show me a Japanese passport you probably lived in a country where Xbox beat Ps3. 

I didn't say you were wrong about the 360 being a western dominated brand. I'm referring to your claim about "take away Japan" etc. THAT is what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter. I mean we can make the same argument for the 360. I could say if it wasn't for the US, the 360 wouldn't have been close to PS3 in hardware sales. I think it's asinine to make arguments like that. Japan is one of the largest leaders in marketshare for gaming. So is the US. North America is the only continent that Xbox 360 beat PS3. Btw, I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I know how strong the 360's dominance was compared to the PS3. It wasn't even close. PS3 lost that hands down.

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