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Yeah the numbers look like a tie between the PS3 and Xbox 360.  However, I'll give PS3 and Sony the edge for climbing out of a huge hole at the outset and catching the 360 in sales and the "cool" factor having spotted the 360 an entire year of production.  Pretty amazing feat...

Sony made the right decisions after that first year, and in the end made the PS3 a great product based on price, features and most of all, great games.

Seriously, those last PS3 games were fabulous especially the Last of Us-- fully using the hardware potential of the Cell Processor.

Maybe the best decision the Sony leadership made was to hire Mark Cerny to immediately work on the the next PS4 console which made up for the failed launch of the PS3 and became the go-to console for gamers.  I've always thought between the Sony PS4 and a moderate gaming PC, you are pretty much covered unless you also want the Nintendo Switch games.