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There's no doubt about it, the recent UE5 demo for PS5 was a stroke of genius in terms of selling the graphical power of Sony's next gen machine.

The ball in MS's court now; they need to show Xbox Series X can produce results just as impressive. The recent gameplay event didn't quite cut it in this regard; nothing shown there looked even close to the UE5 showcase.

The run up to a generation is where a lot of narrative surrounding consoles is established; we saw this with the current generation where Xbox One's status as the less desirable machine was cemented before it even hit shelves, and no amount of backtracking ever quite repaired the damage.

Right now, Sony is establishing the narrative, as they have in previous generations, that Playstation is the top dog in graphics, the place to be for the best looking games. MS can either sit back and let them dictate the narrative, or they can challenge it.

"In-engine" cinematic stuff isn't going to do the trick; gamers have wised up to the fact that these can be faked. The reason the UE5 demo worked so well was that it was presented as gameplay. Whatever the best looking game MS have up their sleeve at the moment, they should put together a gameplay showcase for it. Show what their new system can do and why people who care about visuals shouldn't just get a PS5 instead.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 01 June 2020

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