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Nautilus said:

''Saying crap as all lives matter''? So you are saying some lives are more valuable than others? God, these situation bring the worst on people...

The incopetent cop that killed that guy should be arrested and punished, I don't think there is any doubt about this. But I'm not supporting any protest that destroys a man's livelihood like the ones that ''Black Lives Matter'' are promoting right now. Or at least its members are causing. The irony in all this is that the same movement that is trying to save black lifes, is the same one that is ruining black lives, as many of the stores that have been vandalized are owned by black people. That's gold. Incredibly sad, but gold.

Both sides are at fault, and both sides should be punished. I don't see how much there is to be discussed.

Saying "all lives matter" as a response to "black lives matter" is not done in good faith. It's done to diminish the concerns of black people who face disproportionate police brutality. Well meaning centrists who take the movement's title statement at face value is why it has been so successful. 

Honestly, it's strategically pretty brilliant while disgusting in its intent because the centrist response writes itself. "Well why don't all lives matter?"