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- The first human trial of a COVID-19 vaccine finds that it is safe, well-tolerated, and induces a rapid immune response: “These results represent an important milestone.”

- The WHO’s Public Health and Environment Director, Dr Maria Neira, says their models are showing a global second wave is being increasingly ruled out. Caution required, but she thinks the virus will have a hard time surviving.

- The outlook is bright in Nigeria as solar energy companies have stepped in to keep stay at home workers in lockdown powered up.

- The Spanish government is implementing a basic income scheme that will reach 850,000 households and 2.5 million of the country’s poorest citizens.

- New Zealand does not have a single person in hospital with COVID-19, as the country marks five consecutive days without a new case.

- Albania’s Bee-Keepers are buzzing over the unparalleled honey harvest thanks to busy bees that have had respite from pollution and pesticides.

- Man whose Dad walked out on him as a child makes a Youtube channel called "Dad, how do I..." for people without fathers

- Teens rescue old man trapped in fire

Last edited by curl-6 - on 31 May 2020