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yo33331 said:
mk7sx said:
Should do a weekly comparison of NSW 2020 vs. DS 07 08 09 and Wii 08 using VGC numbers.

I might put it together if no one else has easy access - NSW 2020 might be on pace for fastest to 10M in a calendar year.

Just checked on it.

The strongest first 5 months of a year were to DS in 2007 which did 9.125M with may included.

The Switch with the 3rd week of may is at 8.7M for this year, so it have to make a bit over 400K the last week to beat the DS numbers in 2007.. and probably won't.

However it is still very impressive, it beats every other console on every other year.

P.S. Just to report a bug.. the hardware by date chart doesn't show all of the numbers when you put the cursor over the lines .. it shows only some of the console numbers..

Yup I saw.  Could be close - Chris on Era (kind fellow who has posted the MC/Famitsu numbers for over a decade) is guestimating that Nintendo held some stock aside for the Xenoblade launch.  So if JP bumps up to 70-80K and rest of the world hops like 5-10% it could match the 5-month total. 

Quite impressive either way at this point, it's locked to beat the 5 month total of 08/09 DS and 08 Wii.