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We all now Sony's PlayStation franchise. A line of 4 going on 5 home gaming platforms, plus 2 handheld spin-off systems that helped shape modern gaming as we know it. But what if I told you there was another, a PlayStation that's so obscure not even Sony acknowledges its existence. I present to you, PSX.

Not to be confused with either the nickname of the OG PlayStation, or the E3-style keynote held every holiday. The PSX wasn't really a games console, rather it was a DVR/Media Player with a PlayStation 2 built-in for gaming. Unlike other PlayStation hardware, this actually wasn't developed or marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment, the Sony subsidiary behind the PlayStation brand. Instead, the PSX comes from the main Electronics Division of the Flagship Sony Corporation, as it was a general entertainment product rather than a gaming system. Rumors even stated that Sony shoved PS2 hardware in at the last minute. Thus any traditional PlayStation branding is de-emphasized on the device. You'd be forgiven for not knowing about this before hand, as the PSX was only released in Japan, and was a complete flop, being discontinued after only one year on the market. 

The most interesting thing about the PSX, is that it was the first device to utilize Sony's patented Xross Media Bar as its UI, which would later be adopted by SCE for the PSP and PS3, only to be phased out of all Sony products by 2014. 

So yeah, the PSX was a flop, but it wouldn't be the last time Sony Electronics played with Sony Computer Entertainment's toys. Did you know Sony made a Bravia TV with built-in PS2 in 2010? 

Last edited by TheMisterManGuy - on 28 May 2020