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NightlyPoe said:

It'll probably get a patch soon enough either way.

I'm definitely hoping so. We never really got one for XC2, as Monolith seems to be opposed to the idea of tweaking visuals afterward. I love playing RPGs in handheld, so it was a big sore spot in the middle of an otherwise amazing experience for me.

Funny enough, I think DF was overly kind on the docked mode. It looked fine, but the amount of blur present when they combined filtering with the low resolution meant you couldn't admire the scenery as much as in something like XCX (or even the original, if you can believe it).

The great thing about a relatively fixed resolution is that end users have lots of options for upscaling. The retro scene has exploded with solutions for getting 240-720 content looking amazing. With a Dynamic resolution that's too wide, there's nothing can be done to improve the image quality during the dips. The output is still 720 or 1080p (depending on console setting), but the actual game being rendered is potentially half of that in some cases. 

Thankfully, it does seem that they've been able to hit close to target resolution most of the time.

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