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Soundwave said:

The US wouldn't win a war against China anyway, not without great cost. They couldn't even beat the Taliban in Afghanistan after 15+ years, they've withdrawn and the Taliban are back running large parts of the country and having been doing that even before the US left.

They couldn't get Saddam the first time and couldn't win cleanly in Vietnam either. China is a whole other ball park of trouble.

I don't know about a "Cold War", but I think China has badly damaged their standing with the Western world, not just this COVID19 situation but other issues were already bubbling to the surface. I dunno about "Cold War" ... maybe "Lukewarm posturing", lol. 

What? Your examples are purely examples of "Hot" Wars. Not Cold Wars.  Did the US military ever engage in combat with the Soviet military during the US-USSR Cold War? A Cold War is "war" without actual warfare.  Examples today are US relations with Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea.  

What is needed to punish China over their responsibility for the Covid-19 outbreak are sanctions, not overt warfare.  Besides, warfare between nuclear powers only ends in MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).

All countries in the world affected by this virus should come together and enact economic sanctions against China that will last for years.