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Mnementh said:
sethnintendo said:

Yes he probably defended camps because China buys a lot of Saudi oil.  Also China probably supplies Saudi Arabia weapons so they can bomb more food markets and schools in Yemen.

I believe US should stay out of most conflicts because apparently my country does more harm then good usually.  I don't mind seeing China or others try take role in policing world because they will probably fail just like we did.  Maybe not as bad.

I don't think the world need policing. At least I don't think it is benefitial. And I don't want the Chinese government in the role as world police as well. Luckily so far they don't seem interested in the job.

Well someone has to at least put up refugee camps to protect civilians fleeing civil war and violence.  That's what UN is supposed to do yet Europe still gets flooded with Syrian refugees.  Refugee camps should be temporary till nation's stand up and accept some but most nations are only willing to take on some not hundred of thousands.