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John2290 said:
Peh said:

People who want or demand a war should be the first in line fighting in one.

I'd sign up for that fight. It's something worth dying for.

What exactly are you hoping that will improve from wiping China off the face of the Earth?

Covid19 could have come from anywhere, also from places which would have taken much longer to figure out what was going on. Not that mattered since the rest of the world simply assumed it would stay in China, then in Italy, then in Europe, oh shit it doesn't give a crap about borders.

Perhaps your fight is with companies taking advantage of the cheap labor, which can be found in other places as well. India will gladly take over.
Perhaps your fight is with consumers going for the cheapest crap instead of choosing high quality locally manufactured items?
Perhaps your fight is with gullible people falling for Chinese twitter and other nonsense?
Perhaps your fight is with companies caving in to Chinese demands for censorship?