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Mnementh said:
OTBWY said:

I'm gonna be very clear here, before this goes into whataboutisms. But if I had to choose between the three powers (China, Russia, the US) I would always without a doubt choose the US. My reasons, China has actual concentrations camps as we speak. In 2020. And Russia has a government that endorses this:

1. What has the video to do with your claims?

2. What do you think is Guantamo Bay?

3. I never claimed China or Russia are better than the US. But that is exactly the point of the article. You say: 'if I had to choose between the three powers', but the article claims (and I agree) that you shouldn't choose, but cooperate. Because that is masively better than another cold war.

1. That it is a country that uses fear like "everyone will become gay if you dont elect me". And of course, Jails and kills journalists and dissidents on a whim. 

2. At least the US is a country that has people who are against such bases and things that go on there, or have the freedom to protest it without being harmed. Don't have that much in the other two.

3. I'd rather not cooperate with dictatorships. You can make the mistake of empowering them even more.