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Conina said:
Shiken said:

So lets look at a few more then, software only as this is what the thread is really all about...

GC plus GBA = about 586 mil units

N64 plus GB = about 626 mil units

SNES plus GB = about 880 mil units

NES plus GB = about 1001 mil units

But wait, there is a bit more to it.  The Game Boy spanned 3 consecutive console cycles, so those three generations are not accurate at face value.  What we can do to get a rough idea however, is divid the GB's 501 units by three.  This puts the GB at 167 software units per gen (rough estimate).  So in reality, it is more like...

N64 plus GB = 391 mil

SNES plus GB = 546 mil

NES plus GB = 667 mil

You shouldn't split the GB software sales evenly in three generations.

267 million GB games were sold in FY3/1998 and above, so ~300 million GB games were sold in the N64 era.

The GB software sales before the SNES launch are probably benign, so I would count ~200 million GB games to the SNES era and ~300 million GB games to the N64 era.

N64 plus GB = 524 mil

SNES plus GB = 583 mil

NES = 500 mil

Thank you for that info, and this goes to further show what Nintendo's actual baseline is for software sales with combined platforms of each respective generation.  With a much more steady baseline, it highlights just how much of an anomaly the Wii and DS generation truly was as well.

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