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mZuzek said:
Cobretti2 said:

The flight battles were too short in Adventures however the rest was an enhancement.  I wish they slapped a bigger budget on it and who know where we would have been now. Could be up there behind Zelda and Mario.

Not gonna lie, I laughed out loud.

Well you can all you want, we all have different tastes.

For me elements of the game  enhance over the n64 as the game evolved. N64 was an on-rails game that took you on a automated ride. For the time yer cool, we moved on from that now. I did say the fight battles were short which was basically used in a cheap way to get between planet, this is where it lacked growth .

Was it great no, was it better than a lot of gamecube games? yes. Had the potential to be great if it was built as a Star Fox game in mind from day one with a better budget.