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curl-6 said:

The first two, all the games after that are rubbish sadly.

Just personally, I actually think the SNES original is still the best game in the series. 64 is great, but the SNES game has the better soundtrack and higher stakes as your teammates actually die instead of just going in for repairs, and their kills count towards your tally, giving you more incentive to protect them.

Yes, it's a game that needs to be seen in the context of its time period, but I don't think it has aged any worse than a lot of other early 3D classics like Ocarina of Time or Banjo Kazooie.

I really agree with you on the "great for it's time" thing. And basically, how it's aged well in general. I still have more fond memories of the SNES SF. I played the hell out of both, but enjoyed the original more. It took a while longer for me to appreciate SF64, and even then, I didn't like it quite as much.......It's hard for me to put this into words... Any complaints I might have with the SNES SF relate to it's performance, which admittedly, does have some impact on the gameplay, but those complaints are only in retrospect. At it's core I think it's a great game, but can see how it can be viewed as something of an archaic experiment in 3D gameplay by those who never had the chance to play it during the time it released.

Things get so muddy when comparing franchise entries that span multiple generations, even if one can draw upon memories of the experiences as they actually happened. It's the reason why the annual Greatest Games threads here on VGC drives me nuts.

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