RolStoppable said:
Slownenberg said:

PS4 Europe numbers 6 months away from being replaced by PS5 are just insane. PS4 is still selling like it's at the top of its game in Europe and easily outselling the Switch which is actually in its prime. Europe is the reason why the Switch won't ultimately pass PS4 lifetime and will probably end up like 10+ million short. PS4 has been dying in japan for a while, getting weak in America, but still crazy strong in Europe. Sony dominates Europe in the way that Nintendo dominates Japan, but Europe is a much larger market.

Switch had a lead of ~6m over the PS4 through the first 36 months, so the often cited advantage of the PS4 in Europe has been more than offset by other regions.

So did the Wii but that didn't matter in the end. 

Did Switch not fall behind at the end of this quarter though? (Yes I know PS4 had one more Christmas on it but still)

Also to Slownenberg's credit Sony does dominate Europe and the Switch staying power still lingers in a lot of peoples minds.

We have no idea how next gen consoles will affect the sales of the Switch (Especially with Nintendo not having anymore Directs this year and very little 1st party games this fall)

or even if Switch can dominate a region like PS4 has in its 6th year on the market. Their "home console" support at times tapers off after 5 years or so. 

What if they're forced to make a new "Switch 2" in order to continue getting 3rd party ports next gen? Surely that will get cut into sales and fragment the install base as well.

It's definitely not cut and dry that Switch will pass PS4 at all.