LudicrousSpeed said:

Yeah that was a funny backpedal. From "MS doesn't care to offer quality games on GamePass, will maybe be one a year and a bunch of indies or they just won't care at all!!" to "man GamePass is a good value and such a good service". Even now he's still going on about one AAA title per year when we've had plenty of AAA already in 2020 alone.

Most people who shit on GamePass are extremely ignorant to what it actually offers.

Don't be so hard on people who are salty about GP. It's tough, knowing that despite the fact that your favorite platform is completely trouncing the competition in hardware sales, they are getting equally trounced on the service front....despite all those millions and millions of extra consoles sold giving them a vast edge in terms of potential access points for customers to make use of their own service. 

And all that with the GP approach of "quantity over quality." So even with much inferior games, the MS service is leagues more popular than the PS competitor. That's rough man. Imagine how bad it might get if MS ever actually make good games? That's downright scary.