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trunkswd said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

PS4+XB1 is going to be ahead at the end.  PS3+X360 actually lost customers to the Wii, especially during the first 4 years.  This is easy to see on the first chart where the peak of the gap is at month 49, which was also Wii's last really good month.  About a year later PS3+X360 starts to close the gap on current gen consoles.  The Wii gamers started to transition over, but not all of them made the transition.  So PS3+X360 ended up behind PS2+XB.  For the same reason I think PS3+X360 will also be behind PS4+XB1.

The Xbox 360 had 8 years on the market before the Xbox One launched and PS3 had 7 years before PS4 launched. Looks like PS4 and Xbox One will have 7 years to themselves before their successors launch this holiday season. I do think PS4 and Xbox One will beat out PS3 and Xbox 360 in the end. But not by a lot. Less than 5 million. 

You may be right about less than 5 million, especially if PS4 never gets a price cut.  They can definitely lose customers by pricing them out of the market.  

If PS4 gets down to at least $269, like the PS3, then I think there will be at least a 10 million difference which is similar to the loss going from Generation 6 to 7.  Those 10 million were lost to the Wii, but that market came back to Sony/Microsoft in Generation 8.  Instead they might just lose people who can't afford the current price.