Alex_The_Hedgehog said:

I like Resident Evil. Aside from 4, I played every mainline game and some side titles (Survivor, Code Veronica X, Outbreak, Umbrella Chronicles). And now I'm playing RE VII.

I really liked Resident Evil 6, but I understand that a lot of people hated it, and it would be dangerous for Capcom to make a sequel with the same style. So, when I first saw the gameplay trailer at E3, I was very curious to see how a first person survival horror game, with focus on exploration would work as a Resident Evil title.

I'm about 3 hours in. So far, I really loved the graphics and the gameplay. It's tense, scary, and the sound effects are amazing. It's very creepy how the house keeps making noises, and you don't know when something will jump at you. I love Outlast, so I think the comparisons are inevitable, but I think they have enough differences. Also, the combat in RE7 is very good.

The puzzles and exploration are really enjoyable. I like to take my time and explore every place, and the game let you do it, since the enemies don't pop out of nowhere. I saw some people complaining about the game not having random encounters, but on the other hand, I'm enjoying it.

So, let's talk about the game. But please, avoid the following spoilers:

- Plot and Ending

- Puzzle Solutions

- Game length

Other than that, feel free to talk. I'm not going to spoil the details, but let's say I just found a "Scorpion Key" to open doors with a scorpion decoration.

Boy, I'm enjoying this game a lot. I'm even hyped for a future Resident Evil VIII.

Oh, so you are just missing the masterpiece of the series.