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Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
Shiken said:

I would not say that is interesting so much as expected.  Paper Mario was just announced, and a good number of people are thirsty for info.  Ghost however we have known about for quite some time, and many people (including myself) are already sold on the game and are just waiting for its release.

So I would say this does little to show favor one way or the other TBH.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that it would be more interesting if GoT search rates were equal to or greater than PM.

What interested me was that Paper Mario was popular in North America and the samurai game wers popular in other areas.
After all, few people have ever heard the name Tsushima. Everyone knows the Mongolian Empire.

Good point.  Additionally, Paper Mario got started on the N64 which had more relative popularity in North America compared to other regions.