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I have to be honest. They're not entirely wrong. On one hand its great that MS is being so consumer friendly. But isn't their "Smart Delivery" approach a double edged sword, especially after the hype a simple tech demo created for ps5? Thoughts?

"We've been waiting for a while to finally see next-gen gameplay, for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, because it's arguably one of the biggest moments in a new console's reveal road - that moment when you see just how much the games themselves, not just the hardware, have been able to advance. We want to see something mind-blowing.

But we didn't get that from Microsoft. Instead we got 13 game reveals with 'Xbox Series X Optimized' badges and a lot of talk about Smart Delivery. We don't want to be told that these games will look better, we want to see it. I (personally) want a reason to upgrade, not to be stuck in a limbo between this generation and the next. All this focus on cross-gen by Microsoft is robbing us of that initial next-gen thrill."

Last edited by goopy20 - on 17 May 2020