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Pemalite said:
eva01beserk said:
I dont want to talk a bout leaks and rumors but it seems worth to no one from moores law is dead. Since he got the nvidia line up right and other stuff.

But the consoles are gona bitch slap the rtx 2080ti. Even the 3060 will out perform the 2080ti. Aparantly the rt features in the rtx line up is so bad that even if rasterasation is better on the card, as soon as rt is enable everything is just gona smack even the rtx 2080ti.

Rtx line up is gona age like milk. So that 2080 laptop beating the ps5 rumor sounds fishy.

I would hope the consoles beat an RTX 2080Ti. (Although there is currently no evidence to support your assertion!)
But the 2080Ti will be outdated before the next-gen consoles launched anyway.

The RT features aren't bad either. They are fantastic... So much so that AMD is going to copy that feature and bring it to consoles.

I dont mean RT is bad, just that on the rtx series is bad, or I would say experimental. Nvidia says they will get 4x the rt performance on Ampere. Im pretty sure they will still be better than amd, but even amd should beat the rtx line. Maybe it was a necessity as devs had something to work with and now nvidia and even amd could work from that.

Or maybe I should ask, will the 2080ti hold up to the 3000 series as well as the 1080ti did to the 2000's? Acording to mores law is dead if people are looking to upgrade and RT is a must for you that you should ignore the 2080ti and a 3060 should be better.

But like you said, cant do much with leaks. probaably wont know untill rdna 2 releases, but nvidia already confirmed that RT wise, they will smoke the 2000's

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