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kirby007 said:
SvennoJ said:

Dunno if I have a decent SSD in my gaming laptop, this is what it can do

Only half as fast as the PS5 SSD in raw speed under optimal conditions.
Of course PS5 can also benefit from compression upping the data rate to 9 GB/S while directly reading into video memory.
For some reason my SSD suffers greatly from random access, perhaps that's normal or a windows thing?

It's much faster than the HDD at least which has it's own quirks. (Why is writing faster than reading?)
But it's obvious that random access is a death sentence for HDDs.

Anyway if this is a decent SSD (I don't know) then the ps5 is at least 3 times faster and can bypass reading things first to normal ram to transfer them through to vram afterwards.

but the compression is a software thing right? thats not specific to a SSD or HDD

I thought there was some specific hardware to handle that (both on Series X and PS5)

The SSD can deliver uncompressed data to other system components at up to 5.5GB/sec via its new proprietary hardware, which is over twice that of an Xbox Series X. And like the Xbox Series X, the PS5 also has dedicated hardware-based decompression to reduce CPU overhead.

Read more:

Sure any game on PC can (and does) use compressed data as well, and the superior CPU on PCs likely handles it just as fast. On the consoles it won't effect the CPU at all. (or very little) The big difference is delivery, straight to where it needs to go on ps5 instead of multiple steps.

Anyway fast travel can finally be fast travel, not wait a full minute for the world to reload.