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Train wreck said:
curl-6 said:

So the hardware boost for PS4 wasn't very long-lived; 13k for the week ending May 10th according to the front page.

Also, looks like some regular Switch stock finally made it down the pipeline; 3:1 ratio over the Lite.

I think 10 weeks is very long lived.  The console has been steady to up YOY since the beginning of March.  At its low point the console was -64% Y/Y at the beginning March, now that number is in the ~-30% range.

Well not quite 10, but I did indeed lose track of how long it had been since FF7R came out with everything that's happened in the last couple months.

There would also have been overlap between the FF7 boost and the pandemic boost, making it hard to tell just how much was which.

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