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LudicrousSpeed said:
goopy20 said:
Sony obviously did a much better job getting people fired up for next gen. Sure, it was just a tech demo but it did look like it could be an actual game specifically designed to take advantage of the ps5's hardware and it was fully playable. Even my grandma can take one look at that demo and tell it's a big leap from anything we're seeing today. It didn't need stickers like "optimized for Series X" or 4k and 120fps. The demo was build from the ground up to push the ps5 to its limits at 30fps and 1440p and that's how we're seeing that kind of leap.

Of course, they can probably get the exact same demo running on Series X if they wanted to. The problem, however, is that MS doesn't seem to be going for pushing next gen visuals, Instead, they are way more focused on multiplatform/ smart delivery graphics that'll scale up and down their family of devices. So the question isn't really if that tech demo would run on Series X, the question is if they could still do it if it also had to run on Xbox One and the average gaming pc?

How in the world could you of all people have been remotely impressed by that demo, you who have been preaching for months about how Microsoft's continuing to support Xbone would ruin their next gen games and have them offer nothing new outside of graphics. That tech demo was literally a current gen game with effects turned way up, right down to the whole "squeeze through this corridor" sequence next gen was supposed to get rid of with SSD's. Plus it's 30 frames per second and 1440p. With nothing much at all happening in the game for the hardware to handle. There were some birds or bats flying around in a scripted sequence.

Your second paragraph makes no sense. This is an engine. Of course it can scale lol

edit, apparently it was a scaling resolution and went lower than 1440p, that was simply the max.

I dont know about you but the closeups of rocks and realtime GI and bounce light with high quality shadow is just not possible in current gen and this demo is an early proof concept, no more baking of any sorts, its just going to get better from here. But the most important thing this demo showcases is how the next gen hardware will revolutionize game development, its really difficult to explain, The concept of polygon budget, Normal Maps, Lod's are all made redundant. A current gen polygon budget for a AAA is between 20m to 25m (just an estimate)

This demo showcased around 25b triangle just in one scene along with 8k texture, realtime GI with bounce lightning, importing high quality zbrush models without any modification.. tell this to any developer working on current gen games, they will just wet their pants.