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That'd make me much less interested. Sounds like that design wouldn't allow for joy cons. And therefore also would make you have to buy a stand alone pair of joy cons or a pro controller just to play on the TV. Basically you'd have to buy extra stuff to actually make it hybrid. That's a non-starter for me. Also the hinge is something that can break. Nope, I vastly prefer the Switch's current design to a clamshell design. Never did like how the DS, 3DS looked and doing it on a hybrid would present some real difficulties as just described.

I want the Switch 2 to pretty much be the exact same form factor as the Switch, though if they can figure out how to make the joy con slightly larger without making the system too large that would be perfect. Everything else can stay the exact same. If they want to add a couple millimeters to the thickness to pack in some extra battery that's perfectly fine. Other than the joycons being very small when you flip it sideways to play with just one, I think the form factor on the Switch is already basically perfect.