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My issue with Microsoft events is they are like those people who talk a lot but really are saying nothing. MS will show 60 games but you never remember 90% of what was shown. This Sony UE5 demo is only showing 1 thing. A tech demo. Simple and to the point. An ND focuses on just a few games and goes in-depth with info and gameplay. MS shows a billion trailers with no info and little to no gameplay. It's the MO of a Phil Spencer led Xbox brand. I think MS is lousy at marketing. Sony still understands it. Nintendo figured it out with Switch.

Sony understands teasing us will leave us wanting more. A logo. A controller reveal. A tech demo. All spaced out. Maybe XSX will be a good console but they need to figure out how to market better otherwise they will continue to play from behind.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!