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Train wreck said:
shikamaru317 said:

So, I was just analyzing (or more likely over-analyzing) the new Playstation Studios animation. Several things caught my attention:

  • All of the Sony's AAA 1st party studios are represented in the animation except for Sucker Punch and Bend. Could mean nothing, but could also mean something that those 2 are missing. For Sucker Punch, could mean that Infamous is well and truly dead, and that a sequel for Ghost of Tsushima isn't currently planned. For Bend, could mean that Sony doesn't consider Days Gone to be a core franchise in spite of it's success. 
  • The animation doubles up on Naughty Dog, showing both Uncharted and The Last of Us. That is interesting that they kept Uncharted in there considering the rumors that Naughty Dog is no longer interested in continuing the series. Could this be a hint that Sony has a secret new studio working on a new Uncharted series for next-gen, possibly focused on Drake's daughter, or that the rumors are false and Naughty Dog will make another Uncharted next after TLOU 2?
  • For Insomniac, Sony chose to showcase Ratchet instead of Spider-Man. Could mean that Imsomniac still has 2 large teams like they used to, with a new Ratchet coming from the 2nd large team before Spider-Man 2.
  • Sackboy/Little Big Planet is represented even though it has been 6 years since the last LBP game. Could be a hint that Media Molecule is doing a new LBP for PS5, now that Dreams is out. 

The point of a snippet like this is to keep it short and sweet while highlighting the best the company has to offer in studio form.

Yep, they just wanted to show different things, this kind of thing is not a commentary on what's going on with each studio right now.