Today, Sony unveiled something rather surprising, PlayStation Studios. The new umbrella label for first party games on the PS5. I like that Sony Interactive has enough confidence in just using PlayStation as the nickname for whole company, showing they know how strong of a brand it is. But I can't say I'm a fan of the intro they showed. It just feels too overproduced and soulless for PlayStation to me.

"Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" or "Sony Interactive Entertainment Presents" may have been a mouthful, but I feel like the simplicity of the plain-white text on a black background gave Sony's first party games a bit of character. It just felt more elegant than this Marvel style intro they're seemingly going with.

That said, I think if the games compromised by just having a simple "PlayStation Studios Presents" like the SCE or SIE intros of old when you boot them up. I wouldn't mind. Xbox Game Studios has a long-ass, similarly Marvel style intro Microsoft posted on YouTube, but if you played Gears 5, you know that shit doesn't actually play when you boot up the game, so hopefully, it's the same here.