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tbone51 said:
Slownenberg said:

haha bold as always. So lemme get this straight. After selling 1.64mil in April you think its gonna sell another 5.89mil this quarter, averaging 2.94mil in May and June. wow! Totaling 2.94 for May and June would be great and I could see it getting close to that but doing that much each month is, well, beyond even a tbone-like prediction! You may as well say it's gonna sell 50 million lifetime.

11.77mil was shipped+digital, so let’s say 11.30mil was sell thru since most places were sold out, 13.41mil is missing some sales as people discussed. Said to be 10-15% missing so let’s go with a conservative 10% (Canada/South America/Asia outside of Japan missing in this figure) that would total up to about 14.75mil sell thru. That’s actually more like an estimate of 3mil selling with 1mil on store shelves or more roughly 16mil. May+June could have an extra 3mil for ship and digital.

18mil sound more like the safe bet but I’ll go with 19.5mil

What sales are missing? I didn't see anything about that? Why would the official Nintendo numbers have sales missing? You got a link or something where Nintendo says their official numbers don't include some regions?