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When it comes to the controllers for its flagship console line, Microsoft's philosophy with Xbox is a simple "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". To this day, The Xbox Controller has barely evolved in terms of functionality and technology. While Nintendo keeps pushing the boundaries of controller inputs and functionality with its array of wildly different controllers each system, and Sony has gradually built on the capabilities of its flagship DualShock with big new additions and inputs, Microsoft usually only makes minimal changes and improvements. What new features they do add are either subtle like the Impulse Triggers on the Xbox One controller, or are aped from other consoles such as the new share button on the Series X controller (Which, they're actually the last to add BTW).

One feature Microsoft still hasn't added to their controllers is any sort of motion or gyro sensor, something which Nintendo and PlayStation controllers have had for years. Now, I understand there's some "LOL Waggle" stigma attached to the input. But in the case of a standard controller form-factor like the Xbox Controller, having a motion sensor would actually be a god send. That's mainly for one genre, Shooters. As anybody with a Nintendo Switch or a Steam Controller will tell you, subtly adjusting your wrist to aim in addition to broader movements with the right stick is a level of precision and control that's only second to a mouse. It's even starting to catch on with PlayStation gamers. Yet for some baffling reason, it's not included in the controllers for Xbox, a Platform which would especially benefit from this addition seeing as much of its library consists of shooters.

With the Series X Controller, do you feel Microsoft should recognize that gyro isn't going away anytime soon, and just incorporate it into the new controller? With all three major platforms supporting the feature, maybe now developers can make gyro aim standard across all platforms.