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curl-6 said:

Evergreens aren't enough to keep a console selling more than 20m a year. They have great momentum now, but if they don't have big games for the second half of 2020 that momentum will slow and they'll be down YOY substantially when we get to the latter months of the year when the likes of Pokemon and Switch Lite hit in 2019.

Kinda reminds me of Media Create threads in early 2018. PS4 was up over 40% YoY in Q1 thanks to the huge boost Monster Hunter World gave it and some people thought that boost would last the entire year. PS4 ended the year down about 4% YoY.

Switch has a big YoY lead now and has momentum but if they arent able to get major 1st party titles out in the Summer/Fall than that momentum will disappear.

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