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I kind could see it happening for real, but once BOTW 2 came out BOTW will slow down. Not at first though. At first and like 2 quarters I guess the BOTW will actually have a boost in sales thanks to the hype and buzz of the new release, and specially if there is a bundled version of both games with a healthy discount like 100 dollars for both

However once that hype vanish, unless the sequel end being very underwhelming I don't see newer Switch owners buying BOTW instead of BOTW 2, so yeah, even selling something like 7 million in 2020 and 2021 combined (26 million at that point), I still don't see it selling another 9 million in the last Switch days (2022,2023,2024) thanks to cannibalization against BOTW 2

I agree with your 30 million prediction though