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I don't get why some fly off the handle every time casual or non-gamers/games are mentioned. Nintendo's more "casual" efforts have been quite enjoyable to me (Wii Music notwithstanding). A good game is a good game.. I'm fine with more Nintendogs, 2D Mario, online Wii (Switch) Sports, Big Brain Academy, Switch Party, etc.. Hell I'd take that stuff over a lot of the overly-bloated cinematic AAA stuff. At least these type of games cut through the bs and focus on pure gameplay..

Anyway, this type of software fits the system well, and makes sense if they're in fact going to go more in that direction as the massive Animal Crossing crowd will be looking for somewhere else to go. It also pushes sales, which means more big budgets for Nintendo's big budget titles that they and many of their diehard fans love so much.

The upcoming Clubhouse Games is that sort of mass-market game, as is Brain Age (which isn't out here in the US) but I do think they could do with more.

Additionally, the exact quote from the article with regards to the topic is:

"Nintendo said on Thursday that it will increase its advertising budget during the mid-stage of Switch’s cycle in a bid to reach those who don’t currently play games, Gibson reported."

This could just mean that they're reaching out for more gamers by increasing their advertising efforts. Doesn't necessarily mean their style of games will shift, or even that they'll increase focus on these types of mass-market titles.


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