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Nintendo has made a statement and everyone is ignoring what was actually said and declaring that Switch is now going to turn into a Wii 2. I thought it'd be interesting to look at what games Nintendo might bring back and the challenges they face making motion control games for a handheld.

Wii Play - Wii Play was great because it came at a discount price, showed off the new controller capabilities and combined it with some classic games. Multiplayer and motion control were a large part of it's success and translating this to a handheld system could be difficult if not impossible to pull off.
If anyone can do it then Nintendo can.

Wii Fit + BB - More motion control but the added accessory makes it difficult to repeat for a portable system. You'd need a back pack just for the balance board alone so ideally Nintendo would come up with something that is more portable and offers more intensity so be a true sequel to Wii Fit.

Wii Sports - Wii Sports is too big a game to just remake. Each sport needs to be taken into account and adapted to make it suitable to handheld play.

Wii Boxing - Wii Boxing isn't really suited to a handheld but every other fighting game is. If Nintendo could offer traditional controls and make Wii Boxing a more traditional fighting game they might be able to pull it off.

Wii Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Bowling - While it might be possible to take a motion control Tennis, Golf and Baseball and change or add some stuff to make it more suited to a handheld, Bowling would be a tough task. A better option would be to take the Wii Sports approach and increase value by adding more games but make them more suited to portable play instead of motion control. Such a challenge would be near impossible to pull off but if anyone could do it, Nintendo could.

I've been bullish on a Switch Sports releasing this year to repeat the unbeatable strategy Nintendo took with Wii v HD Twins. However, given the challenges in making motion control games for a portable, it might be best if they treat the Wii games with the respect they deserve and add them to Nintendo Online with the option of a $40 balance board and $20 Wiimote joycon with a d-pad like they did with NES and SNES controllers.

Given how dumb the cauzelz are, it's possible they're stupid enough to pay $40/yr for the above judging by the price these games still sell for today.

From their POV, it's a pretty small price to pay compared to paying $100 just for HDMI out or $XX to play online with internet friends.

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