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After filling out a brief survey (5-7 minutes), this profile tool will generate a customized report for you. The report will describe the traits that were measured, and how you compare with other respondents. You will also be given a link to share your results. Based on your motivation profile, our Game Recommender Engine will suggest games you may like. Your responses may be used to refine the algorithms that generate the profile, and aggregate findings may be published in public or commercial reports. 

It's a very interesting test, you can read about it on their official website:

My results:

About my secondary motivation, I scored high in:

- Strategy (94%)
- Commnity (84%)
- Story (71%)
- Power (66%)

And pretty low in:

- Destruction (4%)
- Competition (19%)
- Challange (20%)
- Design (28%)

In the end of the survey they explain what each motivation means and even give examples of games that match in that specific motivation. It's pretty cool, please share your results