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Playstation 4 just had a week over 300k and will have more in the coming months with several massive titles planned.

There are too many games you can't play on the Switch for a poor PS5/Series X showing to translate into Switch sales imo. 

Nintendo would have to work some serious software magic (or hardware magic) to sustain 20m+ beyond this FY. Titles like Mario Kart, new pokemon generation and Animal Crossing are once in a generation impacts.

People have been parotting this point since 2018 lol.

Somebody dig out that thread with the pictures of Iwata and Pachter, where the latter is constantly ranting and tries to put a date on Nintendo's grave but constantly has to erase and replace it while Iwata is just chilling next to him. Just need to Switch (ha!) out the text and Iwata with their current president (or Doug Bowser) and voilà.

The pictures are not on the thread anymore, so I'll have to take an external source:

Was correct back then, and still true today...

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