Otter said:

I'm not sure what we're talking about? If it's the point about once in a gen hardware pushers, I don't see how it would have applied in 2018 when we didn't even have a mainline pokemon game on the platform. That just arrive 5monthe before AC.

I'm curious what do people think the Switches next massive hardware pushing software is? These are largely predictable releases and they push hardware. I feel like all known quantities are out in one form or another, and I don't see sequels performing to the same degree especially not where hardware boosts are concerned.  

Theres a difference between the average Nintendo exclusive (lugi's mansion/ zelda links awakening) and then the likes of PokemonS&S/MarionKart 8/Animal crossing/Smash bros etc that's why I say they will need to work some software magic or hardware ($149 Switch TV)

I remember someone mentioning Switch sports in the past, that could definitely be huge. But I also wouldn't be surprised if it underwhelmed.

Basically your whole argument here is what someone before you has said in prior years and each time things turned out differently to what they thought that's what he's pointing out each time the same argument is adjusted for example before March many people didn't think AC was as big a system seller as they were told.

Your post here even contradicts itself as Zelda which you class as an average exclusive has been the NS' flagship title at one point the NS version had over 100% attach rate as more people owned it than the platform due the not being enough Switchs in stock.